The Global Business Travel Association’s annual convention in July will be rescheduled to Nov. 17-19 but will remain in Orlando at the originally planned venue, the association announced today. 

According to the release, the decision to change the dates of the convention “was made after taking into consideration feedback from members, exhibitors and sponsors and in recognition of the current status of the Covid-19 pandemic and the global travel sector.”

The move will not change the dates of GBTA’s elections schedule, which the association outlined last week. Provisions have been made for a virtual event to take place on July 20, which had been the final day of the original convention schedule. The virtual event will include an association update and business meeting. The results of board elections will be announced at that time as well. 

“This shift allows us to better accommodate all our members, especially those traveling from outside the U.S., and to send the important message that global business travel can be accomplished safely, as vaccination programs gather momentum and as Covid-19 testing becomes easier and less costly,” GBTA CEO Suzanne Neufang said in statement.